Unit Trust Funds Offshore

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Direct Investor
Intermediated Investor
Gross investment amount
Nett investment amount

Lump Sum

Discretionary Portfolios
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Debit Order (Facility not available yet)

Discretionary Portfolios
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Annual debit order increase

Advice Fees (Incl Vat)

Initial Advice Fees  
Stock broker fee   0.08%
JSE investor protection levy   0.0002%
Sub total    
Value added tax   14%
Total initial fees    
Annual Advice Fees  
Annual portfolio investment management fee   0.15%
Annual administration fee for 1st R 500 000 0.70%
Annual administration fee for 2nd R 500 000 0.55%
Annual administration fee on the amount over R 1 000 000 0.40%
Sub total    
Value added tax   14%
Total ongoing fees*    


*Assuming no market growth. 1st year only.